Monday, September 10, 2007

Bible Links

Bible Gateway reference and Lookup
Calvary Chapel Children's Bible Curriculum Terrific!!! MUST SEE! NEW LINK!!
Free Bible Study Books
Different Bible Studies in PDF
Audio Bible
Bible on the Net
CBH Children's Bible Studies and Devotionals
Online Parallel Bible
Another Online Parallel Bible Site
Danielle's Place Sunday School Crafts and Resources
Key's for Kids Bible Study
Free Bible Notebooking pages
Miss Arlington's Bible Resources
E Bible Teacher for Children
Bible Class Books Bible Curriculum
Discover Bible StudiesChildren's Ministry Garden Shop
Selection of Greek and Latin Roots
All about Jesus Autumn ideas
Devotions for Kids
All about Jesus Ongoing Bible Study for Children
Old Testament Bible Study
The Lord's Prayer Defined
Children's Sermons
Worship and Arts
Children's Education
Bible History Page
Bible Coloring Pages
Bible Forms
Sermons 4 Kids coloring pages
New Testament Memory verse coloring pages Preschool/Early Elementary
Old Testament Memory Verse Coloring Pages
Children's Bible Lessons
Free Bible and History Notebooking pages
Bible Coloring Pages
Some More Bible Coloring Pages
Bible Activity Worksheets
Club House Magazine from Focus on the Family
A Kids Heart Bible resources
Coloring through the Bible
MSSS Bible Crafts
Scripture memory coloring sheet
Bible Kids Fun Zone
Blue Letter Bible
Precept Austin TONS of resources!
Books of the Bible Scramble
Children's Bible Study Resources
Sunday School lady is chocked FULL of resources, ideas, lapbooks and activities for your children
Bible Study Tools online
WOW!  TON of FREE downloadable Bible Study workbooks/leaderbooks etc.  Fabulous!


Anonymous said...

I am encouraged by your desire to pursue God and understand His Word and plan for your life. I've always experienced peace and reassurance after reading the Bible. I recently found a resource online called
Bible Study Tools that I think you'd enjoy based upon your list of online Bible resources! The reason I like it so much and want to share it with you is because I can read so many commentaries, 29 translations, lexicons, Greek and Hebrew, devotionals and more all for free. I could never afford these books nor would I have the time to search through all of them! I also like that I can highlight text and save notes. The screen is split-panel that lets you compare versions, commentaries, etc. so it's really easy to use. I hope you get a chance to check it out! It's been a blessing for me and I want to let others know that they can find tools to understand the Bible without having to go to seminary!
Bible Study Tools

Sherry said...

I have just posted a free lapbook for work based on the Bible. It is called the Joy of work and it helps children understand the value of work through a hands-on activity. It starts with "Think about the Ant," debunks the money tree, has memory verses on "how to do Good Work." I want though it with my children and they love it. Link: