Saturday, June 22, 2013

Music-All types

Free Guitar Lessons
Classical Music for Kids GREAT site! Highly Recommended!
Classical Archives
Classical Music
Classical MusicMusic Activities for Kids
Learn about Classical Music
Sounds from the Orhestra
Easy Music Theory
Music Made Easy
Free online Metronome
Free Music Practic Drills
African Composers
Medieval Music
Virtual sheet Music
Sheet Music
Piano Education page
Introduction for Reading Msuic
K-12 Resources for Music Educators
Sharon's Tiny Hands Music Tutorials
Instrument Encyclopedia
Cyber Hymnal
Sounds of the Symphony
Classical Music Midi
Mozart Project
Mozart's Musical Life
First for Music Education
Essentials of Music
Stories about Bach and Hayden (check in Free unit studies in pull down tab
Music for Young Children
World's Great Men of Music
Directory of Classical Composers
Free Guitar Lessons
Famous composers with their famous works
Making Music Fun!
Church Music songs & Hymns Sphinx Kids Great interactive website on music
Great interative free site with games involving music
Piano Lessons 4 children This is a great free site with information on lessons, composers & songs. Dallas Symphony Orchestra Games Interactive Free games involving classical music
Dallas Symphony Orchestra music where you can listen to music by composer
Dallas Symphony Orchestra activities these are activities that you can do at home and involve your kids
Kids Corner All kinds of activities with music for kids
Free Piano Lessons for Kids! Over 50 free piano lessons to get your kids started!
WONDERFUL FREE website with Music worksheets, printables, Games, etc! NEW!


angela said... has over 50 beginner-level piano lessons videos, entirely free (each about 5-10 minutes long).