Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Charlotte Mason

Simply Charlotte Mason
Ambleside Online
Different sites and linkables to different CM sites
CM links from the Homeschool Mom
Article of Living Books Science
Lindsey's Page
Article on Reluctant narrators
CM 12 week Lesson Plans for Pilgrim's Progress
Smooth and Easy Days by Charlotte Mason
FREE Download of the Handbook of Nature Study
CM basics
Design Your Own CM/Living Book approach
Catholic Charlotte Mason: mater Amabilis


maureen said...

Your blog was listed in the current issue of The Home School Court Report (HSLDA). Looks like you have lots of good resources. Thank you! Just wanted you to know that there is a free online Catholic Charlotte Mason Curriculum, Mater Amabilis: http://www.materamabilis.org/
in case you wanted to provide a link.