Saturday, August 9, 2008


Missions Unit:

Missions Unit Study
Missions and Missionaries Unit Study
FREE Missionaries curriculum HURRY for FREE download!

Torchlighters DVD series:  
Torchlighters resources (student and Leader guides)
Torchlighters Kid activities (games/puzzles/etc)

Jim Elliot:

Biography of Jim Elliot
Biography of Jim Elliot
Study guide (student and leader combined) for Jim Elliot by Torchlighters
Torchlighters Activities
Elisabeth Elliot Bible study devotional

John Bunyan:

John Bunyan Torchlighters fun
Bunyan student Torchlighter guide
Bunyan Teacher torchlighter guide
Free Downloads and literature on Bunyan
Heroes of History: Bunyan

Eric Liddell:

Torchlighters Eric Liddell student guide
Torchlighters Eric Liddell Teacher Guide
Eric Liddell Fun facts Torchlighter

William Tyndale:

William Tyndale-Torchlighters student guide
William Tyndale Torchlighters Teacher Guide
Tyndale Fun-Torchlighters

Gladys Aylward:

Gladys Aylward Student guide Torchlighters
Gladys Aylward teacher guide torchlighters
Gladys Aylward Quiz
Biography Aylward
Another Bio
Heroes of History: Aylward

Nate Saint:

Wikpedia Nate Saint
Missionary Aviation Fellowship
Quotes from Nate Saint

Richard Wurmbrand-Founder of VOM:

Teacher Guide Torchlighters
Student Guide Torchlighters
Torchlighters Activities
100 year celebration
Wurbrand's testimony


ByHISgoodGRACE said...

ot to your site from someone that posted on Heart of the Matter!
Thanks for your wonderful resources. What a blessing to our homeschool.