Thursday, April 5, 2012

Titanic Links

For those of you who's children know it's about to be the 100th anniversary of the sinking of this glorious ship, and are wanting more info about it!

The Titanic Gazette My 24 year old son's very informative and well done site!
Joshua wrote and finished a Titanic Unit study in 2011.  You can contact him through his blog or email for more information.  He has a semester long one and a year long study.
Titanic Honor & Glory Free demos, games and info.  Joshua is a historical consultant.
Encyclopedia Titanica
Titanic's Lost Sister: Britannic
The Grave of the Titanic
Images of the Titanic from Maryland Newspapers
Coloring pages
Site from Bob Ballard who discovered the Titanic
Magic Tree House Teachers Guide-Titanic
Titanic mini book/lapbook
Titanic unit study grades 2-6
Titanic coloring/notebooking pages
The Expedition Titanic
3D Titanic Walk Through
George Behe's site
Bill Wormsteadt's site
Parks Stephenson's site on different ships and shipwrecks, including the Titanic
Paul Lee's page with different articles and links on the Titanic
Titanic for kids
Remembering the Titanic
US History: The Titanic
Would you have survived The Titanic?