Tuesday, January 11, 2011

10 books that every Christian should own and read

Ten books that every Christian should own and read: (suggested!)

1. Dialogue Trypho by Justin Martyr
2. The Five Theological Orations, by Gregory Nazianzen
3. The Confessions, by Augustine
4. Cur Deus Homo, by Anselm
5. The Bondage of the Will, by Martin Luther
6. The Institutes of the Christian Religion, by John Calvin
7. The Pilgrim's Progress, by John Bunyan, audio, Pilgrim's Progress text
8. The Glory of Christ, by John Owen
9. Redemption Accomplished and Applied, by John Murray
10. Bible Overview, by Steve Levy


Anonymous said...

I'm curious about the list. It shows Bible overview but not the Bible itself. I think that should be #1 but maybe that was assumed? Thanks for your site - you put forth a lot of hard work!