Tuesday, May 24, 2011

College Prep/CLEP/Thomas Edison

Since finding new links and whatnot, I decided to create a new category dedicated to College Prep. Our older two boys are starting down the journey of CLEP tests for college while in highschool and as I find links, I will share them with you. Between my friends and myself, as we find them I will post them!

College Scholarships, Grants and Fellowships
5 biggest mistakes parents Make when homeschooling High School This is a free signup mini-course! I highly recommend Lee. She also does consultations on building portfolios and transcripts!

Free Clep Prep
Find a CLEP testing center near you
CLEP for Homeschool yahoo group
Homeschool College USA
Collegiate Homeschooling
Clep Prep
Free University
Degree Forum
Thomas Edison State college programs
Yahoo Group Clep For Homeschool Highly recommended!
Free Clep Tests  (caution: not sure if they are all there on the test and the levels)
Speedy Prep (short questions for studying for the CLEP)
Free Test online (studying quizzes for both Math & Science)
Examples of free practice tests
Peterson's study helps
Study Guide Zone

If you are former, in or associated with the military:
Clep for military
College credit Military prep
Army Study Guide
Test out of College classes


Anonymous said...

I haven't been here for awhile, looks like you have redone things.. Thank you for all the work you do!!! It is a wonderful blessing!!! I wish everyone could know that homeschooling doesn't have to be a huge financial burden..

And I am loving these CLEP Sites!!

Blessings to you and yours!!

Southern Belle said...

yeah! Thanks for visiting Kim! I really appreciate it! Make sure you sign up on the right hand side of the main page, so that you will receive an email everytime a link is added :)